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The best movies, books and podcasts I consumed in 2022

2022 was a good year, let's talk about it! in this post I'll share what I did/consumed this year!

Movies & Series

Life is Beautiful (1997) it's a movie about a jewish family living in a Nazi Camp, while the father uses humor to protect his only child from the reality of the war. the movie was sad but also very funny and I remember crying at times

also Roberto Benigni (the main actor) was a joy to watch and the definition of good vibes all throughout the movie and even IRL: just look at him!

Roberto Benigni laughing
Roberto during his oscar acceptance speech

The Queen's Gambit (2020) is the show that made me love chess, you've probably heard of it cause it blew up during the pandemic, the reason it did so well IMO was that it focused more on the drama and story rather than the chess itself so that anyone was able to watch it while still making hardcore chess fans happy by displaying it in an authentic way

and the soundtrack was just perfect *chef's kiss*, I still listen to my favorite track, playing girev I, every now and then

Catch Me If You Can (2002) it's my first time watching a leonardo DiCaprio movie, and it was a great, fantastic story and well thought-out ending, not a lot to say about this one to let you enjoy the film without spoiling it!


What if? A book by the creator of the famous xkcd comics, the author tries to answer seemingly random questions scientifically, it was such a fun read and the author has published What if? 2 this year due to how much people loved the first one but sadly I haven't found time to read that yet

The cover of what if

The Code Book takes you on a journey about how cryptography and encryption have evolved throughout the years with intriguing stories going back to roman times and up to relatively recent times, I am still reading it and it's been super helpful for my research. It doesn't assume anything about what you already know or how much of a tech-nerd you are, so it's suitable for everyone interested in the topic


I need to admit, I am not that much of a podcast listener because I don't care headphones around and thus can only listen while at home, but I've still listened to a few great podcasts over the years

Tech Over Tea, Brodie Robertson is a Linux Youtuber, who interviews interesting people on his podcast and asks them about whatever they're into, he also does solo episodes and I love those so much because they feel like a long-form audio-only vlog of some sort which is something I liked a lot.

Cortex by CGPGrey and Myke Hurley, Grey makes phenomenal science videos on the internet that takes months, thus he doesn't upload that often on his channel so it's nice to hear about what he's doing, the topics range from science & technology and day-to-day life, my favorite episodes are definitely the yearly "State of the Apps 2023" episode and "the actual mind of the algorithm"

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