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Don't seek perfection!

Perfectionism is often seen as a good thing, and people should try and reach it whenever they can, but that may not always be true, being a perfectionist can stop you from finishing what you started or even not starting at all...

Quantity over Quality

You should aspire to make and publish so much, because only a subset of the things you publish is going to be popular and you don’t know which “thing” will be a hit because it depends on many factors that you aren’t in control of. Let’s look at some examples:

By applying the quantity over quality motto in everything you do, you’ll eventually reach the quality you wanted, to begin with, this is known as Quality Through Quantity

Finishing vs Publishing

When you create a thing (book, song, blog post) it's never done until you decide to publish it. you may find yourself stuck in a state where you never actually publish anything because you’re always seeking perfection. A thing is finished once you decide it’s finished, aka by publishing it. As an example I am about to publish this post even though, I know it’s far from perfect, I already spent a lot of time writing it and have shared everything I wanted to tell the world initially, if I keep going I know I’ll spend 10x the amount of time and finally publish a post that’s only 5% better instead I opted-in to publish it as it is right now and focus on making other cool ideas a reality

How do people publish so much

Successful people publish so much because they are working to publish not working for pleasure. Working for pleasure is very important but it only should take a limited amount of your time.

Working to publishWorking for pleasure
SelflessInward Focused
Outward FocusedGiving to oneself
Contributing to the worldExtremly fun

Raw can be better

In certain cases, polishing up can make things look worse, that’s because humans, by nature, love when something is raw = can have mistakes = is relatable.

So that's pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed my first write-up, I'll catch you in the next one!

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