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The Content Creation Dilemma

So I just finished redesigning my blog, for the 4th and hopefully the last time in a while, it looks amazing and minimal and has all the bells and whistles I've wanted, but I've just now realized that I am missing the most important thing: the content. I still haven't figured out what I want to write about, now being the person who I am, I have a ton of hobbies:

When I originally had the idea to start a blog, I thought I am going to make a dev blog (i.e. write content and tutorials for developers) because that's what everyone I followed on the internet did, but now that I am able to start writing I've started to question what my content should be about, and I faced a bit of a dilemma

So now I have to decide whether I want to write as a hobby about whatever I want and not receive any engagement or I could pick a topic and focus on that and potentially turn this whole thing into a career

I would have loved to end this post with The plan right now is... but in all honesty, I don't have a plan and haven't yet figured out what my goal here is. If you've got something to say or if this post sparked some thoughts for you, feel free to toot me on Mastodon I'll read every single one!

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